mardi 23 août 2011

New exhibit . m. / hanabi2 !! IN TÜV Rheinland Gallery

New . m. / hanabi2 exhibition In the TÜV Rheinland Gallery..
See U there very soon 
. m.

A HUGE THANKS to Mr & Mrs SUZUKI and them wonder staff.. This Week in the "Cafe Hi Famiglia" Was great with U.. Take care .. & see u very sOOoooonnn ~~~


jeudi 4 août 2011

. m. Armellino / hanabi2 Meet Cafe "Hi Famiglia" Feedback 2


Thanks for all of your supports ~~~
my 7 years ago fan !!
my prettiest song writer fan !!
my handsome song writer fan !!
my younger fans Tsubame 6 years old and Tsukino chan 2 years old !! arigato ~

my 1st Yokohama's Fan !!
My 2nd Yokohama's Fan !!!
my older fans !! 73 years old !!
my mysterious fan !!
my 1st swedish artist fan !!
my Taiwanese fan from Paris and my favorite Sempai Fan !!
my artist painter and my 1st model fan !!
my dream staff AHAHAH Bakarim !!, in the center Noriko Nakamura !!! Thank you again to prepare and organised all the exhibit With the "Cafe Hi famiglia"'s staff.
Yatta !!!! ! ! !  San san san san san san !!!!

lundi 1 août 2011

. m. Armellino / hanabi2 Meet Cafe "Hi Famiglia" Feedback 1


どうも有難う御座いました minasan to went in my exhibition!!!

and specialy all the people from the "Cafe Hi famiglia"

Mr & Mrs SUZUKI ~_~ Mercis beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup !!!!

& à la prochaine sur Paris ~~~

Thank all of you to went in my exhibition ~~  
was real great to take the time to talked with all of you!
MERCIS a toutes & tous d'avoir visités mon exposition~~
et spécialement à Bakarim (qui est passé 2 fois!!) et Isa de Paris ~~
Merci spécial au Studio ZÉMI (SÉOUL) pour leur solide soutien.

Enfin, un grand Merci à Noriko Nakamura pour avoir organisée et peaufinée les détails de l'exposition.

à Très vite ~~.